Scorpion: Drake

Words by Bianca O’neill

Playing the victim.

How much longer can we all indulge Drake’s navel-gazing lines?

How much longer are we meant to believe his insistence that he’s such a great guy, while he raps about ‘hoes’ trying to hit him up for false paternity tests (yet at the same time it’s revealed that he’s hidden an illegitimate child from the world?)

I blame the sick beats. I blame his smooth vocals, excellent samples and deftly chosen guests.

But with Scorpion, I’m becoming tired of the Drake mythology. It is clear that it’s time for Drake to stop playing the (rich, famous) victim. Christ, he even has a track called ‘I’m Upset’. Uggghhhhh.

Jay-Z has manned up. Heck, even Kanye’s done it. It’s time to grow up, my man.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 181. You can read it here.

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