I want to go to the house party in ALTA’s new music video

Words by Jasmine Wallis

A dance tribute to the house party.

We’ve all been to a house party that gets a little out of control by the end. Randoms rock up, someone’s mates won’t leave, and there’s people in parts of the house they shouldn’t be, just as daylight starts to break.

Well, that’s what Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson were going for in their music video for new track ‘Push’. Together, the Melbourne duo make up ALTA, and the video is an ode to the good ole’ house party that starts to get a little bit out of hand in the early hours.

Opening with a heavy electro beat, the energetic dance track follows various party-goers throughout the evening. Starting out as a gathering, things begin to get weird when a bathroom turns into a ball pit, a mirror appears to hypnotise a party-goer, and cat food is the snack of choice.

Melbourne fans can catch them playing new songs alongside Minorfauna and Purient at Northcote Social Club on October 5.

The debut album Reasons will be out November 22.

Listen to the song here. Buy tickets here.

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