A Dyson hair straightener is here to overthrow your GHD

Dyson is flexing on us.

When you think of Dyson, you probably think of clean floors and the occasional miracle deal at Aldi.

But a few years ago, the brand expanded into the beauty space and started work on products like hairdryers and curling wands.

Now, after seven years in development, an innovative hair straightener is joining the lineup.

Dubbed the Dyson Corrale, the straightener is cordless – all the better to show off Dyson’s knack for battery power – while still offering all the heat and power of a standard corded product.

It’s also the first and only straightener to use flexing plate technology, which means the plates will shape themselves around your hair to minimise damage to your precious strands. Less damage also means less frizz and fewer flyaways.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Corrale from April 24 online or from Sydney’s Dyson Demo Store Beauty Lab.


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