How to: create lived-in ringlets from Acler’s Fashion Week runway

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It was all about curls at Acler’s MBFWA runway. Lead by hair director Philip Barwick, REDKEN’s styling team were responsible for creating lived-in ringlets to pair with Acler’s unashamedly feminine collection.

To nail the look yourself, read on.

1. Prep your hair with REDKEN One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment and REDKEN Full Effect 04 All-Over Nourishing Mousse. Dry the product separating with your fingers and hot air.

2. Allow your hair to loosely part where you desire and take diagonal partings 2cm back from the front hairline starting at your part, down to the underneath hairline to form a 2cm wide section of hair.

3. Start curling your hair at the temple and working your way up this section in 2 cm partings. Hold the tongue so the barrel is facing downward and pinch the hair between your thumb and index finger and begin to wind around the barrel of the tong. It’s important to keep your fingers close to the tong but allow the hair to slip through your fingers and twist around the barrel right to the ends of the hair.

4. Continue this technique throughout the entire head, working from bottom to top as you go. Remember to swap hands when you start the opposite side of your hair and also to tilt your head forward when tonging the nape and back to allow the tong to get close to the roots.

5. Finally, pin each section as you go and allow it to cool so that maximum curl is delivered. Release the hair and finish with REDKEN Windblown 05 Finishing Spray, to give an airy light texture, followed by REDKEN Wax Blast 10 to add definition to the curl.


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