We tried the supplement promising to help cure adult acne

Image via Zilch Acne Formula
Words by Veronica Stanford

Two months on Zilch.

When I first heard about Zilch, I was intrigued.

As an adult acne sufferer, who’s been through the throws of Doxycycline, Roaccutane and Adapalene cream (without lasting results), I’m always looking for new and natural ways to improve my skin.

Zilch promised just that. It consists of a 100 per cent natural formula based on Chinese medicine, designed specifically for adult acne.

The product has been formulated by Dr. Vivian Tam – a doctor of Chinese medicine and leader in the Australian Cosmetic Acupuncture industry – and promises to help cystic, body, adult and hormonal acne, as well as whiteheads.

Safe to say, I was super keen to give it a go.

My first thoughts were that it was not cheap (it’s $136 a bottle), and it’s recommended you take eight (yes, eight) tablets a day. While I thought it would be hard to commit to taking four tablets in the morning and another four at night, the promise of great skin was an easy motivator.

I took eight Zilch tablets per day over the course of two months (two bottles), in an effort to combat acne which had come back with a vengeance after going off the pill. To paint a clear picture, my acne primarily consists of many small, red pimples all over my forehead, back, chest and around my ears and neck, plus the occasional blind pimple.

It took about three and a half weeks before I really noticed any change in my skin, but gradually towards the end of the first bottle, it did begin to improve.

Zilch did not cure my acne by any means, but I did see a notable reduction in the amount of acne I had, and the length of time my pimples were lasting. I would feel a pimple coming up, and have it completely gone within two days. I also noticed my skin’s improvement particularly around the time of my period (where historically my skin breaks out the most). While I still broke out around my cycle, the acne was not nearly as severe or painful.

Perhaps the best part about this supplement was the zero side effects. As users of acne medications will know, it’s not often you find a product which doesn’t have huge impacts on your skin in other ways (hello sunburn).

I also really liked that once I went off the supplements, my skin didn’t freak out. My results just plateaued, but my skin didn’t get any worse (a huge plus for anyone who knows the pain of stopping various acne medications).

If you’ve ever suffered the pain of adult acne, it’ll definitely be worth giving a go. I’m glad I did.

Check out Zilch for yourself here.


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