Cheer’s La’Darius Marshall is a genuine saint in this cover shoot for The Cut



Sometimes the world’s beauty seeps into your subconscious, as you begin to notice the vibrant colour of the rose petals in your front yard or the blooming brightness of a blue sky in winter.

Other times true beauty slaps you in the face. This is an example of the latter.

Anyone who was embroiled with Netflix’s gripping docuseries Cheer will know that La’Darius Marshall was one of the many unsung heroes of the show. But New York Magazine’s The Cut has given La’Darius the platform he deserves, featuring the talent as the cover star of its April issue.

While La’Darius shines bright in Cheer, it’s nothing compared to how he shines in this shoot. Shot by Erik Tanner, he is quite literally the embodiment of beauty, strength and grace.

The images are also accompanied by an extended interview, exploring La’Darius’ striking presence on-screen, as well as his life post-Cheer.

Throughout the interview, he touches on his childhood, his relationship with Navarro Cheer coach and breakout star Monica Aldama, and how he came to disclose his experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse on a reality TV show: “Once the producers requested a two-hour interview, Marshall says, he ‘just knew’ the experience was the sort of personal story they would be digging for.”

It really is a touching read. Click through for a preview above or view the entire interview and shoot here.


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