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From those who know best.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the Instagram page @depopdrama, you know how exhausting the platform can be. You could spend weeks searching for the piece of your dreams, only to find it’s been removed or sold to a higher bidder. The whole operation – searching, comparing, messaging – often feels like more hassle than a Y2K-style baby tee is worth.

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Because of the plethora of active fashion sellers and buyers, a good Depop find is like winning the op shop lottery. It’s a platform where unknown names can become full-time fashion powerhouses from the comfort of their bedrooms.

The app requires a little luck and a lot of dedication, especially if you’re hoping to win big time. To help improve my Depop search efforts, I asked some of my favourite fashion people for their most-loved accounts.

Marisa Suen, stylist


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As a stylist, I’m always browsing for interesting or rare items. I particularly love Depop, as [I feel like] the algorithm sees me. The more I interact with pieces I’m into, the Depop chucks items I seem to love on my ‘suggested for you’. They just know…

I love to shop and browse, especially for rare designer vintage items! I’m obsessed with @fantasyebuy and @kandaina. They’re both super responsive and helpful sellers who carry an interesting curation of vintage designer pieces.

If you know me, you know I’m the biggest sucker for a good menswear piece. My go-to stores are @totalespasmodic and @jso4hunnidcops. Both shops are very reasonably priced; the sellers are so lovely and package everything with care.


Amy Lawrence, co-founder of Hom Sted


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I only joined this year so I’m a bit of a Depop noob; I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. In saying that, I’ve found some beauties so far! I came across @butch3001 recently, which is the account of Sydney-based artist Gwyneth Grace Miller. Their account is a really beautiful archive of wearable pieces, all made by the artist using recycled materials.

They’re also a tattoo artist, so a lot of the pieces are overlayed with these really delicate hand prints. I’ve not yet bought anything from the store but if they ever make another asymmetrical cardigan, I’ll be ready to buy it.

I was on the hunt for a secondhand Max Mara coat (because they’re well beyond my budget new) when I stumbled across @ninostore. They offer an exceptionally tasteful selection of pre-loved designer pieces.

I recently bought a Margaret Howell pantsuit from them, and it fits like a glove. Being a bit of a garment construction enthusiast, it’s just really exciting handling well-made pieces of clothing. Also, I feel like Ally McBeal when I wear the jacket and pants together. As previously mentioned, I’m still a Depop noob so am definitely open to any leads people have for me (not that I need the encouragement).


Zoe Crow, founder of Ocray44


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I have a love-hate relationship with Depop. It’s so great to see a secondhand clothing platform so widely used, but Depop has a reputation for being overpriced, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of paying more than what an item’s worth.

It’s hard to narrow down specific stores, as I swear by my curated ‘suggest for you’ section on the home page. However, if you’re looking for suitably-priced, unique vintage clothing, @thegrotesquearchive, @secondskinarchive and @91826 are the shops for you. These stores stock designers like Prada, Rick Owens, Hache, Comme Des Garçons, A.F. Vandevorst, If Six Was Nine and Ann Demeulemeester.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect vintage pair of Prada or Miu Miu shoes, @anason has a wide range of choices. They’re often far more reasonably priced than a lot of other stores selling the same pieces and always seem to have stock on sale.

For a one-off Miss Sixty dress or a rare Diesel skirt, @afterglow_ has a large range of ’90s and early 2000s pieces. For handmade items, I’d recommend @stomachofyourdeadsoulmate. Tibby creates beautiful screen-printed silk slips and amazing knits. Also, @ingredient is a Melbourne user I’ve had my eye on for a while. She makes beautiful knitted balaclavas, gloves and tops, plus offers custom pieces.


Ella Taverner, Fashion Journal’s Partnerships and Campaign Manager


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If patience is a virtue, then consider me a sinful peabrain. I wish I was one of those people who relished the search for their next sartorial gem, but this is simply not the case. Instead, to minimise the hours spent scrolling on apps like Depop and Vestiare Collective, I heavily rely on my following list to help streamline what appears on my feed.

Often on the hunt for Depop’s best vintage designer or unique secondhand pieces, @vansant has been an account I’ve followed from the get-go. The shop features a curated range of slip dresses and mesh tops, as well as some one-off handmade pieces from the account owner Nina. I have my eye on this very fun, very mini, low-rise skirt made from up-cycled cotton which I can see myself wearing all year round.


Cat Forsyth, stylist and freelance writer


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As a primarily second-hand shopper, I’m a big fan of Depop. Ridiculous Y2K markups aside, I love having the occasional hunt for something to add to my wardrobe. But when it comes to Depop, I’m not an account follower. I’m much more of a hunter. When I find the time, I’ll spend a good hour or two with a cup of tea, scouring through Depop to find a piece of treasure or two.

However, after two months off shopping, I have a couple of new pieces in the mail, and I found them on some pretty cool accounts. I’ve ordered a very sweet fairy-style dress from @theflirtylemon, a store full of Y2K gems, cute graphic T-shirts and lots of Bratz merch. I’m also eyeing off a couple of items from @bellablanchard, who stocks lots of basics and ‘cool girl’ items. I also love everything on @cusponline, from the fuzzy Kangol hats to the sexy little tank tops and retro sportswear.

My key to finding the special pieces on Depop is not to look exclusively at accounts, but to search keywords and descriptions of what you’re looking for. Have a good scroll and keep an open mind. Also ask sellers questions about their pieces, because every addition to your wardrobe should be a special investment.


Kara Otter, founder of Karameleon Vintage and So Familia Store


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I just purchased my fave bright green North Face puffer jacket from @vintagebyted! It was a bargain price, so I’m stoked. I know I’ll wear it for years! I also love @ratgothvintage because she curates quirkier, wilder versions of what we sell at Karameleon! She’s also just a punky bad bitch punk.

Another Depop store @chimmies also always has super cute little Y2K pieces, they have a very similar aesthetic to ours. We’ve become friends through our common love for Y2K threads and I love her!

For more tips on how to find Depop gems, head here.

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