Joyrich x Playboy FW14

Is it just us or does he kinda look like Hugh Hefner?

Following a colourful series of collaborations with the likes of Keith Haring, Coca-Cola and The Simpsons, LA label Joyrich has done it once again. Their current flavour of the month?


But unlike the scantily clad partner of choice, Joyrich has taken a G-rated tack to dressing. Their collaboration veers away from robes, bandage dresses and cleavage-bearing necklines in favour of crew necks, button ups and modest lengths. Naturally, lingerie-clad women feature in the lookbook, as does the infamous Playboy insignia and a mansion (because where else would you shoot for Playboy?) But overall, we have to admit we’re surprised. Turns out that bowtie-wearing bunny is actually kinda cool.

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