Preview: Low Luv x Alchemist smoking-inspired range

Good for your jewellery box, bad for your health.

Low Luv, the jewellery label headed by multi-talented-and-tasking Erin Wasson, has released a capsule of luxury jewellery inspired by “the art of smoking.”

In a collaboration between Wasson and new concept design store Alchemist, the range presents an alternatively inclusive stance on smoking. Merging this with the three designers’ love for fine hardware, the delivery is minimal in style.

An inquisitive concept, Wasson focuses on the ancient method of smoking held as a sort of ceremony by the Hopi tribe of Native Americans, which signifies upward mobility and elevation. She has incorporated this into her line of charms including a lighter and cigarette holder and cigarette box. For those who don’t smoke (and you shouldn’t), there are similarly minimaltic gold, silver and delicate diamond pieces in the collection.



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