ZERO Rush with Cassandra Pennisi

A dream In beige.

Cassandra Pennisi is a brand that blends the minimal with the sophisticated and feminine.The Australian brand, founded only a few years ago has already begun attracting significant attention for its timeless aesthetics and silhouettes which are simultaneously feminine and modern. 

The brand’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection stands testament to this, which although consisting of a solely cream and beige colour palette exudes a diversity lacking in many other, more colourful collections of the season. Inspired by the fragility and female dominance of honeybees the collection features subtle detailing like lace flowers to compliment the immaculate tailoring and rich fabrics.

As a designer who aims to instil confidence and flattery in the wearer, Pennisi has effortlessly pulled it off with this collection. 

Head to see Cassandra Pennisi to see more.

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