Forever 21 accused of stealing Thrasher’s logo


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Thrasher Magazine doesn’t like mainstream popularity.

The skate mag’s merch line has been pretty heavily repped by the likes of Rihanna and Justin Bieber, much to the distaste of editor in chief, Jake Phelps.

“We don’t send boxes to Justin Bieber or Rihanna or those f***ing clowns,” he told Hypebeast last year.

“The pavement is where the real s*** is. Blood and scabs, does it get realer than that?”

Now it looks like Forever 21 is stirring up some trouble, with the release of a new windbreaker. It’s emblazoned with the word ‘Happiness’ in the iconic style of Thrasher’s flame logo.

And Phelps is not happy. In a recent Instagram post, Thrasher shared a pic of the jacket with the not so subtle caption: ‘FUCK OFF’.

No word on whether the mag will take legal action against the retail giant but considering it’s not the first time Forever 21 has been ‘inspired’ by other artworks, we wouldn’t be surprised.


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