Jeremy Scott has designed a collection of extra ugg boots

Ugg life.

We never thought we’d see crystallised ugg boots in 2017. Then again, Jeremy Scott has always liked things a little extra.

In a surprising partnership, UGG has tapped the Moschino designer to create a limited-edition capsule collection. And he’s certainly injected some flair into the slippers boots.

With eight styles for men, women and kids, Jeremy’s collection features flame motifs, bright sequins and ‘Ugg Life’ emblazoned on the classic shoe.

“I bought a pair of Ugg Classic boots and fell in absolute love with them,” Jeremy said in a statement. “I could not pass up the opportunity to do my own take on the classic boot.”

The limited collection will drop at selected UGG stores on September 15, while Londoners can nab a pair from Harrods.


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