Peter Alexander released a line of Harry Potter pyjamas

Accio dreams.

Every time anything Harry Potter-related happens on this earth, it’s kind of a huge deal.

That time Harry Potter makeup was released? Huge. When 4 Privet Drive went up for sale? Huge. When a Reddit user created eyeshadow palettes that weren’t even real? Huge.

The latest brand to jump on board the Hogwarts Express is none other than Peter Alexander. The designer has released a line of Harry Potter pyjamas, which are extremely amusing and slightly off-putting at the same time.

Yes, the collection includes a Gryffindor robe, yes there are flying Nimbus boxer shorts and no, there’s no sign of a Death Eater pyjama set (devastated).

The entire collection is available online now, so while you Gryffindors sport your majestic robes, I’m still getting over the fact that I’m actually a Hufflepuff.

Check out the Harry Potter collection here.


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