Suku Home x Cleopatra’s Bling join forces for a pop-up event

For one day only.

Suku Home and Cleopatra’s Bling have come together to host a one day pop-up event, titled Cleopatra’s Boudoir.

Suku Home, by Christine Lafian, is a Melbourne label producing homewares, clothing and jewellery, inspired by ethereal artworks of tribal cultures.

Cleopatra’s Bling, by Melbourne-based designer Olivia Cummings, is a label which produces enchanting jewellery, inspired by ancient jewellery-making traditions.

Bringing their passions and inspirations together, the pop-up will see the two labels share the Suku Concept Store space in Melbourne.

It’s set to be run by the women themselves and will give Melburnians the chance to meet the designers over fresh Turkish coffee, which will be on offer all day.  


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