Miro Miro makes jewellery that fuses ancient Chinese culture and contemporary design

Words by Ruby Staley

With a hint of surrealist art.

Perth-based creative, Andrea Goh, is inspired by both Chinese culture and modern design for her jewellery label, Miro Miro.

Goh’s first attempt at accessories sees her designing timeless, quality pieces for the modern wearer. Though handcrafted, they are not smithed by Goh herself.

Inspired by surrealist artist, Joan Miró, and her use of dreamlike aesthetics, the collection reflects on Miro’s stripped-back, modernist style through the use of simple lines and spherical forms.

With each piece designed for longevity, Goh has incorporated 18-carat gold and rhodium plating, sterling silver and ethically sourced stones.

Including touches of green and orange onyx – both recurring colours in Chinese culture – Goh nods to her heritage.

Miro Miro is now available to purchase here.


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