Book review: Gross Anatomy


A championing read for all feminists.

Think of Mara Altman’s Gross Anatomy as the polar opposite of all the human body books you studied in high school.

Split into two explanatory categories – top and bottom half – Mara humorously tackles all the topics you were too afraid to ask about growing up.

PMS, lice-infestations and the beauty of body hair are just some of the themes she dives into head first. However, instead of just leaving it up to her own experiences, Mara weaves her personal tribulations throughout various professional opinions and helpful advice. The result is an informative read, exploring our complex relationship with the female body. And don’t assume that means it’s just for women, either.

Gross Anatomy is a championing read for all feminists, regardless of gender.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 183. You can read it here.

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