A ‘Jurassic World’ restaurant has opened and all your dreams are coming true

Images via The Guest Cafe and Diner
Words by Tara Smith

The one catch? It’s in Japan.

If Hello Kitty bullet trains, Snoopy-themed hotels and Sailor Moon stores weren’t reason enough to visit Japan, it’s now getting a Jurassic World restaurant.

To celebrate the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a pop-up restaurant has opened up shop in Tokyo, while another will launch in Osaka in August.

The Guest Cafe and Diner will host the pop-ups, where customers can expect dinosaur-themed fare including a ‘Jurassic World Burger’, ‘Volcano Curry’, ‘Fossil Excavation Cake’ and more. If you happen to order a coffee, your latte will arrive with images of dinosaurs on top, while smoothies come complete with their very own fossil. Burgers are made with prehistoric-looking black buns, and plates appear to be scratched up by dinosaur claws.

If this sounds like your jam, the Tokyo pop-up will run until August 6, while the Osaka restaurant will open from August 10 to September 30.

Head here to check it out for yourself.


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