This gin is made from ants because regular gin is apparently too mainstream

Australian innovation at its finest.

Everybody knows that using native Australian ingredients is très chic right now. Two South Australian liquor connoisseurs may have won the game though, by putting ants in gin.

Yes, gin is only cool if you drink it with ants now. At least, according to Adelaide Hills Distillery (AHD) and Applewood.

Note, they’re not the same run-of-the-mill insects you find creeping into your kitchen every summer. Specifically, green ants (supposedly tasting like lime and coriander) are used in these limited-edition gins.

I can already hear the uproar of the vegans, wondering why us non-dietary-requirement folk had to go and ruin gin for them as well. However, Sacha la Forgia of AHD has been working closely with Something Wild to ethically source the green ants from Indigenous land.

I had the chance to try Applewood’s Green Ant Gin and I’m pleased to report it was pretty damn delicious. No insect-y taste around here, just ridiculously smooth gin with a hint of lime.

AHD’s Australian Green Ant Gin is available for purchase online, however you can only find the last few bottles of Applewood’s from their cellar door in Gumeracha, South Australia.


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