Parmesan-flavoured ice cream exists and you can all go home now

Words by Tara Smith

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

Dear lord.

As part of Melbourne’s upcoming Fromage a Trois Cheese Festival, a local ice creamery has combined our two greatest loves of cheese and ice cream.

Fitzroy North’s Billy van Creamy has created parmesan-flavoured ice cream, for those who love to clog as much dairy into their system as possible.

I am one of those people, and would delight in the possibility of eating parmesan in cold, creamy form. Apparently not everyone shares my ideals, which is why there will be a subtler mascarpone and blueberry flavour also on offer.

The limited-edition cheesey flavours will be available at the Fromage a Trois Cheese Festival. Get your tickets here.

Fromage a Trois Cheese Festival
Werribee Park Mansion
K Road, Werribee VIC

Sunday April 8, 11am – 6pm


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