A Justin Bieber exhibition curated by Biebs’ grandparents is coming

Justin Bieber drumming

Image via Stratford Perth Museum


It was only a matter of time before the world was graced with a Justin Bieber exhibition.

The Biebs’ hometown in Canada will host the Steps to Stardom exhibition, a collection dedicated to Justin Bieber’s early life and musical career.

The exhibit was curated by Bieber’s grandparents, and will include memorabilia such as old recording microphones, personal letters, photographs, awards and platinum records.

Also on display will be a number of personal items donated by Biebs and his grandparents, including the jacket he wore as a member of his junior ice hockey team.

Steps to Stardom is set to open February 18 in Stratford, Canada.

To get one step closer to the Biebs, head here.


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