Banoffee: Do I Make You Nervous?

Sweet as Banoffee.

A few months back I had no idea what a Banoffee was. I thought it was a little strange that our office seemed to be smitten with a type of English pie. Turns out I was actually missing out on one of Melbourne’s biggest new talents, whose latest EP set to further her reign.
Do I Make You Nervous? finds Banoffee redefining her sound since last year’s debut and is a super slick production all ’round. Wonky synths bubble around the five tracks, often dropping back to let old school RnB piano chords breathe. Her trademark vocals are chopped and multi-layered, which is always my favourite little production trick.
In a genre predominantly filled with Tumblr kids that are too cool for school, Banoffee exudes a real enthusiasm for what she’s releasing and music that surprises with each listen.
Pretty soon no one will be mistaking her for a pie.
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