Every Open Eye: CHVRCHES

Following the coolest summer break ever.

There was always one kid who would come back from school holidays with a sweet haircut or trendy new clothes to make you feel like they must’ve had the coolest summer break ever. That’s kind of like CHVRCHES with their new album. The Scottish trio returns with a slick new sound and a clearer pop focus. 
Every Open Eye is heavily inspired by ’80s synth pop acts but with a decidedly modern sheen. A lot of the album would sound right at home in a John Hughes film, stirring up images of neon-colour prom nights. 
Fans of their previous work may be disappointed by the slight shift towards the mainstream with this record. But get past the kinetic lead singles and there are some surprisingly dark and experimental sounds here. Every Open Eye is a definite growth for a band that was always just short of greatness before.
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