Hot Chip: Why Make Sense?

Worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.

Hot Chip has always been a dorky band, there’s no denying that.

It’s a kind of charming, infectious dorky of course. Their sixth studio album, Why Make Sense? does little to change this, continuing their streak of cartoonish electro pop releases.

This is, however, Hot Chip’s most low key album yet. You can almost hear them holding back from jumping into full goofy break down mode on every track. Except for “White Wine and Fried Chicken” which is potentially the most bizarre electro ballad I’ve ever heard.

There’s also a slightly unfortunate guest rap on “Love Is The Future” but the less said about that the better.

If you take yourself very seriously, I’m sorry to say but this probably isn’t the album for you. But for the rest us, Why Make Sense? is a tongue-in-cheek fun time and definitely worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.


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