Vallis Alps are delivering all the feels with their ‘Fable’ tour

An impassioned set.

After a successful run of ticket sales led to an expansion of their Fable tour, it was time for Vallis Alps to kick things off at The Corner. 

Wednesday’s performance saw the duo deliver their second of four sold-out Melbourne shows with an enchanting energy.

It was a crowded house and the excitement was palpable, bringing out a breed of energy in the duo’s performance not expected from their ethereal tunes.

The crowd sang along with both arms (and phones) in the air, causing vocalist Parissa Tosif to remark: “what an energetic crowd.” She wasn’t wrong there. Turns out Melbourne is the duo’s biggest fan, with our fair city streaming more Vallis Alps than anyone else in the world.

What followed was an impassioned set and what every Vallis Alps show should be. Parissa’s lullaby vocals turned increasingly spirited as the show progressed, with lyrics becoming increasingly breathy and the duo struggling to conceal grins. They were clearly having a good time and it wasn’t hard to see why.

With their music falling nicely between dreamy listening and summer party tunes, Vallis Alps had the crowd feeling all the feels. Arms stayed in the air for new music from their upcoming EP, as well as for renditions of the pair’s much-loved tracks.

They closed with their infectiously uplifting track ‘Fading’, leaving spirits high and saving us all from the repeated call of ‘encore’.

If you have the chance to score tickets to one of Vallis Alps’ remaining shows, do it. We can’t wait to see where these guys head next.


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