The Killers: Wonderful Wonderful


Another Killer’s classic.

What did I tell you? This time around, we waited five years for a new album from 2004’s favourite band.

Frontman Brandon Flowers told Rolling Stone that in creating this album, he didn’t want to “chase what’s on the radio… I wanted to inhabit my age.”

The only risk with ‘acting your age’, for a stadium band, however, is that it can come of overblown and not particularly fresh.

I’m glad to say, this is not the case with Wonderful Wonderful. It’s a Killer’s classic in the making. Sure, there are some dramatic moments, but The Killers have always been a bit dramatic.

After a year of lacklustre releases, Wonderful Wonderful lends a little hope and vitality to the dying industry of the long player.

What a relief.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 172. You can read it here.
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