Tora drops video for new single ‘Similar’

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

As a new album gets closer.

Byron Bay group Tora has dropped another single in the lead up to the release of its sophomore album, Can’t Buy the Mood.

‘Similar’ is the sixth track we’ve heard from the album so far, following the most recent release, ‘Tiger’.

Like previous singles, ‘Similar’ keeps up the group’s retro influences, leaning cleverly on a distinctly vinyl sound.

Mournful lyrics lay out the story of a long-distance relationship, tracking its plentiful ups and downs.

“The verses reflect the uplifting feeling of quality time spent together, while the chorus reveals the lethargy of being on opposite ends of the world and constantly relying on communication through text,” the band explained. “In the end though, gratitude and admiration are the triumphant feelings.”

The release is accompanied by an undeniably artistic music video, directed by Onil Kotian and starring model, dancer and influencer, Mimi Elashiry.

Can’t Buy the Mood drops August 9.


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