Prosecco-flavoured nail polish exists because apparently, we’re all alcoholics

Finger-licking good.

Nail-biters, rejoice. Groupon has decided the world needs more sophisticated variations of nail polish, so to celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s releasing a prosecco-flavoured varnish.

Designed to look, smell and taste like the real deal, the gold-flecked polish is currently available through a giveaway on the Groupon website. The competition is only open to UK residents, but there’s nothing like a little supply and demand to get them shipping over to Aus, too.

Groupon says: “This lick-able polish looks exquisite, giving you the fun of the flavour without a sore head the next day.”

Here’s hoping that Groupon used a brand of prosecco better tasting than those supplied at family weddings and awkward formal functions.


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