Crumpler adds ‘veggie leather’ to its repertoire

Words by Mariah Papadopoulos


Melbourne brand Crumpler is known for innovation and experimentation, so it’s no surprise that its latest collection is bringing something new to the table.

“It’s been our main focus to continually introduce new fabrics that provide variety with a tactile experience in stores, but most importantly are consciously produced,” said Head of Design at Crumpler, Valeria Fioretti.

“The smooth fabric – that we ironically call ‘veggie leather’ for its great eco-friendly features – will pass the Crumpler test of time and still remain a top pick for effortless style and comfort.”

The five-piece Elemental range features ‘veggie leather’ iterations of the Sprout Backpack, Kernel and Clove Cross Body Bag, Bean Messenger Bag, and Tater Tote Bag.

The ‘veggie leather’ is weather-resistant and made using 100% recycled polyester EcoyaTM Fibre.

The Conversion range includes four new designs: the Dynamo crossbody bag, Chronicler Plus & Chronicler Messenger bags and the Abacus Backpack.

These pieces use seven metric tonnes of polyester scrap and off-cuts, reworking them into new bags. 

This new range of eco-friendly leather sees Crumpler join the host of Australian designers turning to leather substitutes, including innovators using mushroom fabrics or fake leather made from pineapple leaves.

The whole collection, including both ranges, is out now online and in-store. 


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