Norway announces a nationwide ban on fur farms

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Image via Getty Images
Words by Tara Smith

Good riddance.

To the delight of animal activists and good people around the world, Norway has announced a nationwide ban on fur farms by 2025.

It’s the 14th European country to do so, with the industry already banned in countries like the UK, Germany, Austria and Croatia. According to Reuters, Norway sees nearly one million foxes and mink intensively bred and killed for fur coats each year. This makes it one of the biggest international producers of fur.

We’ve already seen a number of luxury brands denounce the use of fur in recent times, including Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein and Georgio Armani.

The impending ban is set to send huge ripples throughout the fashion industry, with the international fur trade market estimated to be worth over $40 billion.

Good riddance.

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