Polly Pocket is returning to Aussie shelves and the ’90s are alive again

Image via Polly Pocket
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

The ’90s revival continues.

Following the news that our beloved Tamagotchis have made a comeback, it’s time again to welcome another ’90s icon.

Polly Pocket is returning to Aussie shelves, and it’s packed with some fresh features. Polly’s new upgrade includes a two-story house, a tropical beach, and a disco club setting. She’s also switched up the blonde ‘do for some purple highlights.

You can collect 13 new sets, which will be released just in time for the festive season (to add to our wishlists).

The Polly Pocket revival also continues with a new animated series that will air early next year. The show’s premise will centre around empowering young girls, inspiring them to use their creativity and courage.

Shop the new Polly Pocket sets at Kmart from November 29, and Myer from December 1.

Side note: If you still have an OG set, it could be worth some serious coin

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