Scott Disick is heading to Australia and we are not worthy

Image via Scott Disick/Facebook

The Lord Down Under.

In what may just be the greatest news we’ve received this year, Scott ‘The Lord’ Disick is coming to Australia.

Arguably the best part of KUWTK, The Lord will grace Melburnians with his presence at Alumbra, hosting one of his infamous parties as part of the club’s 9th District night.

The event will go down on November 3, with the club also running a competition to get up close to Disick. You can enter here.

If you’re not as keen to hit tha clurbbbb, The Lord will also be making appearances at two Melbourne Windsor Smith stores, presumably meeting and greeting with peasants like this guy us.

Deets are pretty thin on the ground, but keep an eye on the Windsor Smith socials for further info still to be announced.

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