Converse X is putting the spotlight on young creatives

Words by Nikki Escalante

Generation Z

Converse recognises fresh talent when they see it. And to celebrate exactly that, the brand has created Converse X.

The Sydney-based collective comprises of young individuals that share a passion for street style, art and music.

In line with the Converse ethos, Converse X is all about celebrating individuality and self-expression. And as a collective, they are no strangers to inspiring others through social media.

Through Converse X, the brand provides a platform for the young talents to express their thoughts, personality and creativity.

X members are given priority access to unique experiences including collaborative projects, masterclasses, photoshoots and music festivals. A recent highlight for the community was a trip to London’s One Star Hotel last month.

For the brand’s latest project, members Converse X have been featured on billboards across Australia. You may have seen teens Tara Chandra, Lauren Gartlacher and Denilson Lay serving up streetwear looks, sporting the iconic One Star shoe.

If the concept has got you inspired but you’re located outside of Sydney, we wouldn’t worry. Converse has plans to expand the collective globally.

The future is looking oh so bright.


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